In 3 Months, I Went From Feeling Like a Failure to Getting Back on My Game.

–Mark W.

You Enriched My Life Beyond My Highest Expectations.

–Robert P.

My Life Would Not Be the Same Without Jane’s Insightful Assistance.

–Sherry F.

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Are you ready to get rid of…

  • blocks
  • phobias
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • stress

Are you ready to go from peak performance to maximized highest potential?

Today, many people in professionals careers and leadership positions have that sense that they can achieve more. After years of experience, I have customized the The Covington Process Method™ to equip c-suite professionals and leaders with emotional well-being and cognitive strategies.

Have you noticed or have others mentioned to you the following symptoms:

  • Stress in both the office and the home environments is becoming overwhelming

  • Have deep fears and pressures that affect your ability to be the innovative influence impacting your organization and others

  • Hidden anxiety and worry exhibiting itself in various areas of your life, including your health

  • Impatience, anger, short-tempered

  • Depression, sadness, loss, or grief

  • Trouble with focus and memory

  • Trouble expressing your emotions and communication issues with others

It doesn’t have to be this way!

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“The Covington Method™ has turned out to be the most effective tool in combating my anxiety—better than all the best self-help books that have been written. I have overcome my fear of failure, and am on my way to become the person I was meant to be.”

Jim G. – Sr. Executive, Fortune 500 Company

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The Covington Method™ – A 95% Success Rate

The Advancement of World Class Executive Leadership Transformation for the 21st Century

The Covington Method™ is a proven, personalized executive world class leadership protocol expertly designed to equip c-suite professionals and leaders with the cognitive and effective emotional strategies necessary to:

  • Eliminate STRESSFUL mindsets to spur optimal performance and well-being.

  • Increase your emotional intelligence to enhance relationships with key collegues so you do not feel overwhelmed.

  • Unlock higher levels of self-awareness to achieve impactful change.

  • Evolve your leadership abilities to get your employees engaged and to want to do more.

  • Create a legacy that will continue to positively influence others, including those in your organization.

  • Become free to experience well-being and peace of mind.

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The Business of Personal Relationships

By Best Selling Author Jane Covington

Rewiring or evolving your mind to reach your Full Potential Highest Self is a powerful way to become the leader that you were meant to be. If you are a leader or executive, this book will help you open up to greater growth and the path to using every tool available to increase profit, productivity, and peace of mind.

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