Stress is a real culprit in all things. 

And, it’s our own stress responses, lack of effective coping skills, and lack of options at the moment that tends to harm others and our self.

Whether we want to feel better, behave in successful ways, have successful outcomes, stress and our coping responses can make us or break us. 

Most stress, anxiety, overwhelm or frustration are unconscious reactions.

The way you may get angry over something that doesn’t warrant that much outpouring of your emotions and feels bad physically, emotionally, socially, and even financially can hurt you, comes from subconscious patterns and programming. 

Is this the way one of your parents reacted to stress?

You may have unconsciously learned your stress, anger or frustration responses from them or others, or even decided that that was the only strategy you had from an early age to deal with life.

Serious amounts of brain research haven’t been going on all that long (about more than 35 years at most). 

We’ve come a long way and I do my best to keep learning about the stuff between our ears and how we can use it to improve our life, slow down the stress responses, make us healthier, happier and more capable of succeeding in our relationships with our self, in our professional life, as well as our personal life. 

It’s what Daniel Goleman calls emotional and social intelligence.

Most of us go through life studying how to get ahead, yet we don’t know much about our own head, our brain, nor how to use it more effectively to get ahead. 

Here is a website that I thought you might find interesting.

I really enjoy reading research and writings from thinkers who think about and explore the same subjects that help me continue to learn how to help others. 

Some time ago and still, I often recommend Goleman’s books to my clients.


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P.S. If you finally realize that you can’t stop whatever patterns hold you back; those that no longer serve you and perhaps never did, I’m here to confidentially help you succeed.