Private Clients Testimonials & Endorsements

If I told you who these people are they would shoot me. You will probably give me a raving testimonial, too; I won’t disclose your name either.

The Beaudry Process™ Had a Tremendously Positive Effect

I started working with Jane at the beginning of my search for a new position after having been with the same company for 20 years. Jane helped me get a clear picture of the true gifts and talents that I had to offer. The Beaudry Process™ had a tremendously positive effect on the way I presented myself and I am happy to report that I have landed in a position that is a great fit for my experience, skills and goals and where I am able to make a real contribution. The positive effects of my work with Jane have carried over into my new position and continue to pay dividends.

Mike S.

My Life Would Not Be the Same Without Jane’s Insightful Assistance

Through working with Jane Covington Beaudry , I was able to not only recover from the close in proximity loss of several family members and an unfortunate and scarring end to my thirty-two-year marriage but to find love again. My life would not be the same without the expert, skilled, compassionate and insightful assistance that Jane and her work provides.

Sherry F.

Very Enlightening

Thank you for being a keynote speaker at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Fall Management Retreat. Your presentation on “Mind Over Matter” was very enlightening, meaningful, and applicable to our daily lives. Our retreat evaluation survey data indicated that our managers have specific plans to implement your ideas in their personal lives and work environment.

Marcia J.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

My Confidence Has Increased in All Respects

It was the most important meeting of my life. I was going before the entire state legislature to present the case for our agency funding. I never thought I could do it, but I was a huge success and got my points across! Working with you, Jane, did more for me than help me overcome my fear of public speaking. My confidence has increased in all respects.

Nathan M.

Her Methods Continue to Make Me a Better Leader

Consultants for me weren’t the answer as I know more about my company than they’ll ever know. Someone introduced me to Jane Covington Beaudry. She quickly assessed my situation, helped me clarify my blind spots and moved me towards a new level of being competitive in the current market. Her methods continue to make me a better leader to advance my company in our field.

Richard K.

My Personal Relationships Have Drastically Improved

After working with Jane, people see me as the caring expert they are looking for to lead them and my personal relationships have drastically improved. I can’t thank you enough. You helped change my life and my future!

Sharon L.

In 3 Months, I Went From Feeling Like a Failure to Getting Back on My Game

I came to Jane with a failing company sales record. I would wake up every morning determined that I and my company would do well, but by lunchtime, I had lost it—I just wanted to crawl under a rock. That’s all changed now, thanks to Jane Covington. When I started working with Jane, within 3 months, I went from feeling like a failure to getting back on my game. I can’t thank you enough, Jane, for reminding me that there is plenty of money out there and people want to spend it. You helped change my life and my future in so many ways!

Mark W.

Better Than All the Best Self-Help Books Ever Written

Although I am a professional and have achieved many things, I have always had a fear of failure. I have worked very hard to help myself, reading tons of self-help books, working on being more positive, but with virtually no change in overcoming my fear. The Beaudry Method™ has turned out to be the most effective tool; better than all the best self-help books that have ever been written. It helped me overcome anxiety, plus other issues that I didn’t even realize were in my way. I feel certain that I can become the person I was meant to be.

Jim G.

You Enriched My Life Beyond My Highest Expectations

Thank you for what you did for me. From the start, you helped me to begin changing my life and you enriched it beyond my highest expectations. Without success, I had tried for years on my own and with some counseling to cease relationship damaging and hurtful behaviors. Even though fully recognizing them, I was unable to change. I came to you knowing that I could only change myself, but to my wonderment and happy surprise, the changes you helped me make also changed my spouse. My only regret is that I did not find you sooner. Thanks for a happier, more successful, and more satisfying life.

Robert P.

Finally, I Discovered Jane Covington Beaudry

I had finally reached my goal of being hired to be President of a major university when I just couldn’t stand the pressure of feeling the massive panic every time I had to speak before a crowd of people…after all, I was asking them most often for money. I had tried everything, and nothing worked to get me through my fear, anxiety, and depression that lasted for long periods of time. Finally, I lucked out and discovered Jane Covington Beaudry. Within a three-month period, I am so happy and relieved to say that I got past all that. Now I feel really confident and more competent to get the job I was hired to do done!

Michael K.

I Discovered My Full Potential!

Last year in one of her sessions Jane introduced me to the concept of “Full Potential Highest Self”. She helped me discover my Full Potential and what I have been doing throughout my life to prevent myself from achieving it. To think that I was not operating at my full potential was counter-intuitive to me at first. However, Jane helped me realize that I had achieved only a small fraction of what my full potential was. It has truly been transformative for me. Thank you, Jane!

Andrew J.

My Business is Now Skyrocketing!

I had read every book that I could find on positive mental attitude and overcoming fears and quite frankly they seemed to have no effect. A thousand times more powerful than the best self-help book ever written, the value of the Beaudry Method™ is that it is tailored specifically for you. Once Jane understands who you are, she applies solutions custom tailored to help you overcome obstacles, find inner peace, happiness, and greater success. My business is now skyrocketing!

Reed S.

Spot on in Solving My Problems!

My work with Jane has been spot on in solving my problems. Yes, I had to do my part by following her detailed instructions, but everything that I visited her for, has been improving OR is gone. I recommend a tune-up in life to anyone who is over the age of 15 and has experienced the many tiring and trying experiences that each of us goes through. Reconnecting with yourself can solve many of your current problems and reconnect with yourself happens best when you are in the hands of a professional who knows how to lead you back to yourself. Jane is just that professional.

Rhonda D.