Being overwhelmed is not uncommon when you have the responsibility of your company, community responsibilities, and family on your shoulders. Feeling overwhelmed can present itself unexpectedly, can throw us into the stress response, prevent us from making the best decisions, can make us disregard our health and well-being plus, create suffering at home with the family, make us short-tempered or shut down, unreasonable, and the list goes on. Overwhelm often has underlying causes of anxiety, depression, anger and control issues, bad habits to try to feel better (which in the end never does) and general health problems. Being overwhelmed can become a danger pattern, yet it can be overcome as a habit, and when taken to extreme cause a coronary.  Learning to manage your self and your life starts with discovering new resources within your self, and using specific supportive methods that can help you rewire your brain, your perception and your responses to life!   The Covington Process™ does just this for you. The reasons we become overwhelmed start with negative thoughts and perceptions, beliefs generated from a perceived threatening experience that generates anticipated fear about a challenge, the unknown, the economy, an event, person(s), your board of directors, emotion(s), whether real or imagined.  Fear of making mistakes is also a common generator of stress, worry, and often causes worry, anxiety (whether real or imagined) and overwhelm.

As a leader, the pattern of overwhelm or worrying about life is on the same scale as anxiety, just at a somewhat lesser level of response or perception as to the consequences we suffer from.  Both levels are still a potential debilitating response to life.

Overwhelm, worry or anxiety typically begin at one or both of two stages: 1) they come from a stressful upbringing and unconsciously learn the pattern, or 2) stressful events in their career make them sensitive to the possibilities these events could happen again, making the executive feel more vulnerable than they can withstand, leading to Post Traumatic Stress, which them becomes the unconscious “go to or set point” mentally and physically.

Medications will not re-balance your thoughts or your health because they are always generating chemical and emotional responses that are experienced throughout your body and mind.  Medications attempt to mask the problem in an attempt to bring relief but do not correct the pattern.  However, The Covington Process™ helps to change your strategy in problem-solving, your perceptions, and what’s possible and can be the key you’ve been looking for.

Although I only have a 95% success rate (I wish it was 100%), The Covington Process™ I developed well over 35 years ago has helped many in the CEO group find freedom from patterns of feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and even depression.

You will learn how your brain works and how to work it better.  Our science-based process is evolutionary in nature and can help you take charge of your mind; find inner peace, and greater effectiveness. up around 95%!  It is a process and not magic!  And there are no medication side effects!!

For more information on how you could benefit from The Covington Process™, call me for a free strategy consultation at (404) 276-8789 or email  You are invited to meet me in person at my office in Atlanta, work by phone, or by Skype…your choice.  Why hold yourself back from feeling like a million bucks, is more effective, and balanced.  Relief may be a phone call away.