Q: Do you ever feel like you have no motivation to work over the holidays? Or, wonder how you can push through?

A: Are you depressed or have sadness because of past experiences? Get the support you need to change if this has become a pattern. I always say it’s easy to get the rut mixed up with our path. If you get overwhelmed with all the “extra responsibilities” of the holidays, ask for help from those who can help you. Remember you don’t have to work on a holiday…if you want the whole week off, take your vacation during that week, or plan it for next year.

Q: My family says I don’t spend enough time with them because I am working, but the holidays are a busy time for my job. How can I find balance?

A: If you’re really not using work to hide from your family, then go spend time with your family. If you are using work to avoid certain home life events, seek help to develop skills to evolve your behavior and your responses to those around you. And, don’t you pretty much always meet your deadlines at work somehow? Worrying instead of being proactive is a debilitating habit that can be overcome with a good coach.