I hate it when people suffer—hiding fears, anxiety, depression, anger and hurt. Especially when something effective can give them permanent relief!

That’s why I live the mission of my life every day. At age 5, I declared that I when I grew up I wanted to help people succeed. At that young age I knew what it was like to be alone inside and anxious.

For the past 40 years I have been living my dream, and others are benefiting from what I’ve learned and confidentially shared with them. Through my respect for their pain they are gaining the ability to heal themselves from within. I have grown a strong passion to be the best Executive Mentor, to help Executives, C-Suite and Business Owners to become free, happier, healthier, and better leaders professionally and personally.

I am blessed and I send blessings to all of humanity. Thank you to the many who have allowed me to be in service of them. You honor me.

I have learned to love my inner child. You may find my smile at age 6 here interesting (I didn’t have my two front teeth and my mother told me when I smiled not to let my teeth show… cute now, not then, when I was picked on).