Jane Covington was featured at Atlanta’s “Dream to Lead” SIP Event on August 26, 2016. During the event young adults interviewed the featured leaders to learn more about becoming successful leaders for their generation. At the end of the interview, they gave a speech to introduce and talk about what they learned from their designated leader.

Additional featured leaders for the event were:

Bill Killmer – Georgia Safari Travel

Nazeera Dawood – Office of the Chairman Fulton County

Stephen Cannon – CEO, AMB

Victor Mbaba – Founder, Africa’s Children’s Fund

Bob Varsha – Sports Announcer

Jim Munson – Munson Relocation

Morganna Freeman – Tallahatchie River Foundation

L’Tryce Slade – Slade Construction

Essie Cha – Celebrity Makeup Artist

Laurie Sossa – Southern Barter Club

Donna Murray – Donna Murray Designs Concepts

Naomi King – A.D. King Foundation

Andrew Callaway – Featured Millennial

Everyone has a dream… everyone has a story.