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Who is Jane Covington

Discover if Jane is who you’ve been looking for to take your leadership to a new level of self-awareness, performance, success, and peace of mind. I grew up in a stressful, perfectionistic environment with nowhere to turn, but evolved!

I have devoted my life to learning, exploring skills and understanding leaders to help you get rid of deep unconscious patterns that hold you back so you can achieve your goals.

My Mission

Give Executives and Leaders the tools necessary to be their best self engineered to provide lasting results to spur business growth, enhance relationships, and achieve higher levels of long-term performance. Having traveled to many countries, it is my belief that business, when done by effective, committed leadership can begin to heal the world instead of waiting for political entities to get the job done. Are you on board with this idea? Let’s start a Resolution!

Break Unhealthy Patterns to Become a Better Leader

95% Success Rate

Over the past 35+ years, I have leveraged my innovative and fresh perspective to help powerful leaders and celebrities from all over the world enhance their lives professionally & personally… with a 95% success rate.  I work 1-on-1 with business owners, executives, politicians, leaders, influencers, academics, and celebrities to positively transform how they think and execute for improved results.

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Key Benefits of the Covington MethodTM
  • Release Old Patterns that Do Not Serve You: Fears, Grief, Regrets

  • Integrate New Patterns that Create Greater Productivity, Prosperity, World Class Legacy & Inner Peace

  • Transform Mental & Behavioral Responses for Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

  • Enhance Emotional & Social Functionality

  • Relapse Prevention Program

Confidentially Explore What’s Possible
“Working with Jane has been a truly transformative experience. Through our sessions I discovered my Full Potential Highest Self, and identified the behaviors I had adopted throughout my life that prevented me from achieving this awareness. Jane’s approach was custom tailored to my specific needs, allowing me to overcome obstacles, find inner peace, happiness, and greater success in both my professional and personal lives.”

Andrew J. – Business Owner & CEO

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Leadership Speaker & Best Selling Author

I am a Leadership Speaker, Presenter & Author of the bestselling book, “The Business of Personal Relationships: How to Use Every Tool Available to Increase Profit, Productivity, and Peace of Mind.”

If you are an influencer, leader or executive, my book and leadership presentations will help you open up to greater growth and the path to using every tool available to increase profit, productivity, and peace of mind. They include an introspective view that is often unconscious, but that can be accessed and rewired for improved behavior and emotional and social enhancement. Rewiring or evolving your mind to reach your Full Potential Highest Self is a powerful way to become the leader that you were meant to be. My book and leadership presentations were created to help leaders and executives get out of their ruts and onto a path that creates a top of the ladder leader and influencer, starting with yourself.

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