When it comes to retiring or moving forward in a position or project, it is often necessary to prepare the following:  1) the person leaving must be mentally and emotionally ready to let go and 2) the person taking on the position must be mental, emote successionally, physically prepared to step up and enhance the organization or company.

Notoriously, a great deal of stress comes with change.  As with any new challenge (even if it is thought of as a great benefit), not only is change stressful but rarely strategized for in a way that is optimal for the individuals involved; often affecting not only those in the career place but home life.  Routines get upset and patterns are no longer in existence.

Succession can be one of the most freeing changes or most stressful changes that will ever occur.  It may be welcomed or a necessity that is unplanned and unwanted.  While, most people want succession to be an experience of joy, happiness, and freedom, support can offer a greater outcome than otherwise.

Executive Context Coaching can be a great opportunity and unquestionably one of the most supportive and effective means for an easier and more successful transition; on both ends.  For most people, it’s their first time of no longer being “the boss,” which brings with it surprising challenges and often struggles.  Changing lifestyles can be like walking into an empty room with no furniture….and I mean most people find that playing golf daily gets dry.

This should be a time of expansion and exploration into uncharted territories that bring you joy, adventure, and most of all fulfillment.   Remember, if you’ve never done something before, it could be rough going at first but doesn’t have to be with an effective coach on your team to keep you on course to creating a new future for yourself and your family.

by Jane Covington

Strategic Advisor, Best-Selling Author, and Executive Coach